Writing classes are offered in short sessions, from single-session to eight-session classes. Please note that the teacher lives and works in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone. The classes will be offered in-person in Gig Harbor, and online via Zoom. Box sets may become available with a private Youtube component.

Writing Interactive, Vivid Settings with a Creative Colloquy sponsored class.

Learn how to create interactive, vivid settings necessary to the plot and the character development by considering how a character is shaped by, lives with, interacts with, or fights against their social, environmental/natural, governmental, religious, cultural, familial surroundings.

Date: May 15, 2021 between 6:30-8pm Pacific Daylight Time on Zoom.

Cost: TBA

Plunge into Writing

The Plunge into Writing is a Journal Writing Class. Every session will include two writing prompts, time to write, and time to share or discuss your writing. Class size is limited for in-person sessions to two people.

Zoom sessions will be available as well.
The price is per session, weekly, for this NEW class.

Next Class: Coming in April.

Class Cost: $15 per session.

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Idea Generation for Fiction Writers

Where do you find your creative ideas?
This class is a one-session class on idea generation for fiction writers. We will do several idea generation exercises and discuss questions which help prompt writing ideas.

In-person class size is limited to two, and will take place at Peacock Paisley Art Studio in Gig Harbor, WA.

The Zoom class size is unlimited.

Class Cost: $15 USD

Next Class: May 2021.

World-Building for Fiction Writers, with an emphasis on Fantasy and Science Fiction

This is an eight-session class for fiction writers, with an emphasis on fantasy and science fiction world-building. This class will start in June 2021.
I will have one class session for teens and another for adults.

In-person: Limited to two-three people due to space and social distancing constraints.

Zoom class: Limited to eight people so everyone has a chance to join the discussion part of the class.
Box Option: I am considering adding a “box” option for this class. If I do, please note that this option will include a one-time additional/separate price for materials and shipping, along with a private Youtube content code.

Cost for the 8-session class: $120. Coming in June 2021.

Let’s write together.

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