Classes for Adults

Adult writing classes are offered in short sessions, from one class to five classes. Please note that the teacher lives and works in the Pacific Time Zone. Please double check how this may affect your ability to take the class.

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Journal Writing, Introduction

A single-session, free class offered for a limited time. The session will include tips for organization, ideas for creative writers, and ways to create a continuous practice.

Next Class: September 12, 2020, starting at 8 am Pacific Time (11 am ET)

Faith Journaling

A three-session, free class offered for a limited time. This class will discuss scripture reflection, prayer, praise, and keeping a God moments record. We may discuss writing creatively for faith in the last session.

Next Class: TBA

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Short Story Writing

Short stories are a great way to start a creative writing life or to breathe life back into a stressed-out writing practice. This five-session class will be offered in the fall, winter, and spring sessions.

Class Cost: $60 USD

Next Class: Saturdays in October, starting at 8 am Pacific Time (11 am ET).

Let’s write together.

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