Classes for Adults

Adult writing classes are offered in short sessions, from single-session to eight-session classes. Please note that the teacher lives and works in the Pacific Time Zone. The classes will be offered in-person in Gig Harbor, and online via Zoom. Box sets may become available with a private Youtube component in March.

Ballad Poetry

In this one-session, online Zoom class, we will build ballad poems for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Singles Day.
Please note: it is up to the students to complete a rough or finished draft of a poem by the end of class.

Class cost: $10 for 90 minutes of teaching, writing, feedback, and encouragement.

Next Class: February 10, 2021, starting at 5 pm Pacific Time (11 am East Coast)

Plunge/Purge Writing

The Purge/Plunge Journal Writing Class for Creativity and Positive Growth is meant to challenge ADULT writers to get their emotions out on the page, by purging the negative experiences and plunging deeper into the positive experiences. The focal points of this class are creativity and positive growth, with an emphasis on choosing to see the choices we have in every circumstance. Every session will include a purge prompt followed by a positive plunge prompt.
The price is per session, weekly, for this NEW class.

Next Class: Coming in March

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Idea Generation for Fiction Writers

Where do you find your creative ideas?
This class is a one-session class on idea generation for fiction writers. We will do several idea generation exercises and discuss questions which help prompt writing ideas.

Class Cost: $10 USD

Next Class: March 2021.

World-Building for Fiction Writers, with an emphasis on Fantasy and Science Fiction

This is an eight-session class for fiction writers, with an emphasis on fantasy and science fiction world-building. This class will start in March 2021.
I will have one class session for teens and another for adults.
I am considering adding a “box” option for this class. If I do, please note that this option will be an additional/separate price.

Cost for the 8-session class: $80. Coming in March 2021.

Let’s write together.

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