Writing classes are offered in short sessions. Please note that the teacher lives and works in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone. The classes will be offered online via Zoom. To register interest for any of these classes, please click HERE. This is not the formal registration, but it will give the teacher your email address. If you sign up on the interest form, a registration link will be sent to you.

Four-Sentence Exercises to Strengthen Your Writing

In this 90-minute class, we’ll delve into several four-sentence exercises to strengthen your writing for descriptions, character focus, and action sequences. In between writing sessions, we’ll have a discussion of how to improve our writing skills with exercises and writing prompts.

Date: September 21, 2021 between 5-6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (Seattle/LA) on Zoom.

Writing From The End

In this class, we’ll discuss how to organize/plot a story from the end. As a pants-ter/pantser, I have learned I love to write with big ideas first. I love writing the first moment when the horizon is out there and the characters have a ways to go to get there. But I have learned the hard way while writing series, it’s good to know some of those pesky mid-plot points.

This class is all about how to organize a story with the end in mind before we start, and how to work backwards to the fun beginning part we pantsers often love.

Don’t know what a pants-ter/pantser is? It’s someone who loves writing by the seat of their pants, also called discovery writers. If you are a pantser and you want to add a little plot (but not too much) into your writing life, this class is for you.

This class will take place on Zoom, on October 29, 5-6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (Seattle/LA).

Writing Interactive Settings

Learn how to create interactive, vivid settings necessary to the plot and the character development by considering how a character is shaped by, lives with, interacts with, or fights against their social, environmental/natural, governmental, religious, cultural, familial surroundings.

Next Class: November 9, 2021, 5-6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (Seattle/LA) on Zoom.

World-Building for Fiction Writers, with an emphasis on Fantasy and Science Fiction

This is an eight-session class for fiction writers, with an emphasis on fantasy and science fiction world-building. This class will start in spring 2022.

Zoom class: Limited to eight people so everyone has a chance to join the discussion part of the class.
Box Option: I am considering adding a “box” option for this class. If I do, please note that this option will include a one-time additional/separate price for materials and shipping, along with a private Youtube content code.

Cost for the 8-session class: $120. Coming in Spring 2022.

Let’s write together.

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