I offer tutoring to students, one-on-one through Zoom online. Before we start, I like to have a brief consultation with a student and parents/guardians. This consultation may consist of a brief conversation over phone or Zoom and an email questionnaire for the student and parents/guardians.

Here are some typical questions for the questionnaire:

  1. Grade of the student:
  2. Area the student needs help with:
  3. Does this student feel comfortable writing?
  4. Does the student feel able to write complete sentences, paragraphs, or essays?
  5. Has the student been diagnosed with dysgraphia or dyslexia?
  6. Do family members read for enjoyment?
  7. Do family members watch shows or play interactive games for enjoyment?
  8. Are there entertaining books in the home?
  9. Does the student have access to the library, online or in person?
  10. Does the student have access to writing utensils including a computer, notebooks, pencils, and pens?
  11. Does the student use social media regularly?
  12. Does the student use talk-to-text regularly?

Regardless of how students and parents answer these questions, I can tutor the student. I have tutored students who struggle, and I have tutored students who need a challenge.

Cost of Tutoring one-on-one (with parents/guardians nearby and part of the ongoing conversation): $30 for every 40-minute session.

I can work with students’ homework, or I can create writing exercises specific for the student.

Please view my contact page to get in touch.

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