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As an author, I have used the services of professional editors. As a teacher, I give academic and professional editing feedback on my student’s essays. I offer my editing services as an extension of what I do as a teacher and as a writer. I know current standards for fiction writing and essay writing.

As a teacher, I have been honored to help many teens gain access to college through my writing classes and with my editing services.

College Entrance Essay

College entrance essays create a great deal of stress for most high school juniors and seniors. I can work with you to help you get your essay into great shape. I can not guarantee you will get into the college of your dreams, but I can give you all the tips I know to help, including content tips and proofreading edits.

Basic Cost of a Content and Proofread Edit: $30 USD. I will read through your essay five to seven times and make notes for you. When you contact me, I will give you some guidelines for how we can work together to make your essay shine.

Academic Essay Editing

Please note, my editing services do not include writing your essay. You need to have a full essay written before I will help you with editing services. I have guidelines you will need to read before we work together.

Basic Cost for Academic Editing: $20 USD for a 500-word essay. I will read through it three to five times and give notes on content and proofreading needs. Essays beyond 500 words will cost $5 more per page with 12 point font and 2.0 spacing.

Short Story Editing

For Flash Fiction between 500-1500 words, I will give you content, style, and proofreading notes for $20. For short stories between 1500-7500 words, I will give you content, style, and proofreading notes for $50.

“Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.”

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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