Understanding and Creating Similes

Similes are a type of figurative language. Figurative language works to convey complicated meaning, clarity, vivid writing, and evocative comparisons. There are many types of figurative language including: onomatopoeia, synecdoche, personification, hyperbole, metaphor, and simile. Similes are comparisons using the words like or as to create an interesting connective spark in the reader’s or listener’sContinue reading “Understanding and Creating Similes”

English Grammar and Style Tip: Until/Till/’Til

As a student, I had teachers ingrain certain maxims in me, such as: “Never use ’til for until.” If that wasn’t enough, I also had “Don’t use till for until because till is a verb for farming the land, not a preposition.” I believed these teachers. I taught like these teachers. I corrected my studentsContinue reading “English Grammar and Style Tip: Until/Till/’Til”