Know Your Writing Rhythms

Everyone has a best and worst time to write during the day and during the week.

Now, if you are a student, a parent, or an employee, you may not be able to write at any time of any day of the week. Even if you are self-employed, acting as the primary care-giver of an elderly person, or volunteering on a set schedule, your time is not always your own. We all have constraints on our time. And, in our free time, we create schedules and constraints for ourselves.

To find your writing rhythm, the best time for your writing, try these ideas:

  1. Write at different times of day. Write in the mornings. Write in the evenings. Write during your breaks for lunch, snacks, etc.
  2. Write when you would normally watch a show.
  3. Write when you would normally play a game.
  4. Write while you are cooking.
  5. Write while you are waiting for someone or something (in line, in a waiting area, while your children/loved ones are at an activity).
  6. Write with a pen and notebook paper.
  7. Write with a keyboard/computer/laptop.
  8. Write with talk-to-text.
  9. Cram writing into the five minutes when you first wake up.
  10. Try writing in the last half hour before you sleep.
  11. Write during the week.
  12. Write on the weekend.

Take note of when you did your best writing, or when you found writing the easiest. This is the best time of day/week for your writing. It may surprise you by being at your most crammed moments. It may be when you have a relaxed amount of time set aside for writing.

In any case, schedule writing into your life. If you can, do it when your writing rhythm is strongest. If you can’t, write anyway.

What? Did I just say, ‘write anyway?’

Yes. I know, the title of this post is: Know Your Writing Rhythm. I do think it’s a good idea to know when you are at your best.

It’s also a good idea to write any time you can get it into your schedule. Some writers write only in the mornings. Some write only in the evenings. Some write while their children are busy with activities. Some write in the bathroom. Some write in the kitchen. Some write in waiting rooms. Some write only on the weekends.

Know when you can write. Know when you write well.

Set a schedule for your writing. This is part of treating yourself like a professional writer.

But, don’t give up all the other, less-than-ideal moments.

Pick up your pen, laptop, or favorite talk-to-text device, and write any time you can.

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