At Words Take Flight, writers and students develop their skills, find their unique voices, and soar into their academic and professional dreams.

Wings Take Flight launched after twenty years of unique teaching and writing experiences. I have taught writing, reading, and various levels of English Language Arts in public school classrooms, homeschool cooperative school classrooms, and online. I have written poetry, short stories, non-fiction articles, non-fiction books, novellas, and novels for fun and for profit. As a writer and a teacher, I have pursued the writing craft. I enjoy working with students and seeing their unique voices come to life on a page.


After a brief consultation with the student and parents/guardians, I tutor one-on-one via Zoom. I use exercises specifically crafted to help each student and/or work with homework provided by the student’s school.


I offer classes online for grades 9-12, and, separately, for adults. Each class is taught via Zoom with a password system for safety. I hold a Washington State Certificate for teaching grades 4-12 and endorsements in English, English Language Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies.

Editing Services

Primarily, I offer editing services for college entrance essays, academic essays, professional essays, and short stories. Novella and novel editing is available, if writers can work within specific time frames.

Tyrean cares about the success and well-being of each student and is excellent at evaluating work/progress and providing helpful feedback. She cultivates a positive classroom environment and relationship with students in order to create ease of engagement and participation. She incorporates multiple teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles and is willing to make adjustments or try new things in order to maximize learning and growth.

Jen K., Parent

Let’s write and take flight together!